Discover How Combo Furniture Can Transform Student Housing by Maximizing Space and Minimizing Cost

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Discover How Combo Furniture Can Transform Student Housing by Maximizing Space and Minimizing Cost

Student housing, often dormitories or bachelor apartments, are notorious for their lack of space. Students need their own personal space for study and some relaxation, but it is very seldom that both of these options can be considered or even combined. When exploring the options available for decorating and outfitting student accommodation, the most obvious and cost effective answers are most often overlooked. You desire a comfortable and economic way of living, but space is at a premium. Combo furniture pieces such as the products designed and created by Spaceformers are a novel solution to your student housing furniture needs because they maximize your space with a smart multi-functional design.
Combination or combo furniture for student housing more often than not is the combination of a bed, shelving units/storage cabinets and a sufficient desk area for study. Traditionally, when we think of these combinations, the image of the old fashioned wall-mounted Murphy bed appears to us. These old furniture designs have been redesigned and updated by companies such as Spaceformers to transform the traditional idea of the Murphy bed into a comfortable, modern, space-solving and pragmatic solution for student housing with space issues. The Spaceformers design incorporates three areas of interest to students combining ease of storage of both the bed (which can be a single or double), shelving or cabinets with a slide out design that allows you to easily turn your sleeping space into a study space. Spaceformers have three great products in The Single, The Double and The Vertical combination furniture, each one customizable to the client’s needs.
This combination furniture solutions to your space problems are easily constructed, with comprehensive instructions supplied with each product or the option to hire an expert Spaceformer installer to do it for you. Each product is almost totally customizable to the client’s needs and take into account storage, size, and colour of the furniture and the room in which it is going to be installed. The retractable bed component, whether it’s the Single or Double, is designed to fit all regular mattress sizes. It uses specially developed piston technology, so converting the bed into the desk takes less than five seconds, all done in an effortless movement while keeping anything on the desk perfectly level and safe. It should also be noted that its storage solutions are second to none and that Spaceformers will allow you to customise numerous cabinets and shelving applications while never sacrificing any of its design principles.
Combination furniture, while often not the first thing to come to mind, is often the best and most practical solution to student housing needs to maximize space with a smart multi-functional design. The customizable nature of the furniture makes it a cost-effective and space-effective solution. The furniture pieces feature an elegant design that never looks out of place in an apartment or dormitory, whether it is being used for study or for comfort and relaxation. 


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